SSV Conference


The Annual
Green Design & Innovation Forum was hosted by the British Chamber of
Commerce in Brussels on September 25. The conference was about the
implementation of innovative and green ideas to businesses in view of a
sustainable future. In this respect, FedEx and Philips as sponsors presented
examples of their campaigns and investments in achieving sustainability.

The event,
however, revolved around the 5R Hero Awards 2013 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,
Replace and Return) where graduate and undergraduate students from three
different universities showcased their innovative ideas for sustainability. The
participating universities were the Faculty of Arts & Creative Technologies
from Staffordshire University (UK), the Dipartimento die Architetture e Design
from Politecnico di Torino (Italy), and the École Supêrieure des Arts Saint-Luc
de Liège (Belgium).


The winners
at undergraduate level were David Kent and Zach McCormac from Staffordshire
University with an online game, and at graduate level they were Dario Forneris
and Federico Martorana from the Torino University with an innovative backpack
design. They received a 1,000 euros cash prize.