the 2013 brief

Brief of the 2013 5R Hero Design Awards competition

You are required to generate ideas and design something that will change people’s behaviour in some way, to the benefit of our environment, by promoting any or all of the 5 Rs – Reduce, Recycle, Re-use, Replace, Return.  This could be an innovative new product, a film, a piece of music, a poem or play, a piece of graphic design, an animation, a game, a website, an advertisement, an image or just about any type of visual communication or creative artefact, but you must be able to say or show convincingly, that whatever you design WILL result in a change of behaviour that will contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.  Think in terms of persuasion: whether this is through reasoned argument, rhetoric, propaganda, seduction, humour or satire, make this new behaviour an attractive and sustainable proposal.

Your submission for the Awards can consist of any of the above creative outcomes; design concept work or a finished piece, but in any case you must include, as appropriate, a description of how the work would be manufactured, distributed or otherwise disseminated, in ways that are in keeping with the overall aim of the Awards – to promote more sustainable ways of living.  This should consist of about 500 words.

Criteria for selection will include attractiveness of design, impact on the 5 Rs, and commercial potential.