About 5R Hero

5R Hero was created by Marlies Visser and Joost Visser in 2009. Sister and brother, Marlies and Joost grew up in the seventies in an environmentally aware family but did not spend a lot of time thinking about sustainability during their studies and subsequent careers until the debate about Global Warming and Biodiversity became much louder again a number of years ago.

5R Hero was born out of the question: “What can we do about this”. Joost and Marlies decided the most effective way they can contribute to a more sustainable world is by helping ‘package’ and ‘sell’ sustainable solutions and become 5R Heroes themselves.

The insight behind 5R Hero is that people will only change their behaviour and live more sustainably, when there is a tangible, short term as well as a long term benefit for them personally. Living and working sustainably needs to be better and more attractive for everybody than continuing ‘business-as-usual’.

Marlies is a designer and author, www.studio-mv.com. Joost is an entrepreneur and international marketing and sales specialist.

REL Sales Consulting BVBA was founded by Joost in 2006, www.relsc.com. REL Sales Consulting BVBA is a management consultancy specialised in helping organisations increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing organisations. Since 2009 REL Sales Consulting BVBA is also ‘parenting’ and supporting the development of the 5R Heroes community.